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Kit Kat was born in Athens, Greece. Her mother was a prostitute, and their protector was a pimp. After an early childhood marked by violence, homelessness, and an orphanage, a Greek-American woman adopted her and moved her to New York.

Kit Kat was eight years old, with a new name, a new country, and a new mother who tried to silence her memories and experiences. She sought refuge in books, and after a failed suicide attempt at the age of thirteen, she discovered Charlotte Brontë’s, Jane Eyre. This book saved her life, and at fifteen, Kit Kat begins to write letters to Jane Eyre as a means of surviving a childhood she still remembers, the family she left behind, and the new mother that refuses to acknowledge her past.

Kit Kat’s letters to Jane Eyre demonstrate the resilience and power that she derives from Jane's own dark narrative and the parallels between their lives that include being neglected, unloved, poor, orphaned, and almost destroyed by the madwoman in their lives.

This coming of age and semi-autobiographical novel is about family, loss, forgiveness, and the power of a good book

The Reviews

  • CasV

    Enjoyable Read

    Writing flowed, message was inspiring. Great lessons for teens to guide their lives. Highly recommended. Would be great as a classroom read.
  • Ada Deniz

    Capturing Story!

    I loved the story. The story itself captures you till the end and still doesn't leave you! You can feel and see the world with this little girl's own eyes and heart! The last time I cried while I was reading a book was the Les Miserables when Fantine had to sell her beautiful blonde hair, beautiful white front teeth, and her body for her daughter! I hope that I can read the author's next book soon!
    Ada Deniz
  • J

    Hard to Put Down

    From the first page of the book, I was immediately drawn into Kit Kat’s life. She is a strong young woman whose letters to Jane Eyre helped her survive tremendous hardships in her life. From a young child in Greece to a teenager in NY, the reader is captivated by Kit Kat’s journey of survival. It is true that a book can save your life. This book was not an easy read and I definitely cried a few times, but it is a must read.
  • Mom of Three

    A good book that is both enlightening and disturbing

    A very good story that might just become the book that gives hope, connection or perspective to another teen as they navigate their way to adulthood.
    Mom of Three
  • marongm8

    This book was really dark and strong

    This book exemplifies why reading is so important that its all about the connection to the reader and the impact the book has on their life. Its rewarding to the reader but also the author to think that their book made a positive impact in someone's life. Such a positive strong message that all should read at some point. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
  • Little Spoon

    Story of strength and resilience

    This is a love story devoted to the strength that can be found within yourself. It’s a powerful story about strength, perseverance, and the willingness to survive...
    Little Spoon
  • Vanessa Nunez

    "Dear Jane" A Coming of Age Story

    Dear Jane is a beautiful coming-of-age story about the meaning of maternal bonds, a desire to hold onto an identity, and ultimately, the ability to forgive yourself and others... I encourage you to check out this book for yourself.
    Vanessa Nunez
  • Michelle Kidwell

    Awesome Book

    Dear Jane is a book about one girl discovering who she is and finding the value in who she is as well as being able to put the broken pieces back together again. I give Dear Jane five out of five stars! Happy Reading!
    Michelle Kidwell
  • SAF

    Must Read!

    Dear Jane was a gripping novel about a young girl from the streets of Greece who was adopted by a woman from America.


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